One Woman Shows (playwright, performer)

The Flight of Jackie Cochran

Florida Girls

Yankee Women

Dramas (Playwright)


Bobbi Boland


The Director


The Botticelli Game (with James H. Mayer)

Historical/Musicals (Playwright, director)

Under the Lackawanna Moon (music by Cyndie Hasty)

The Landings

Fire Burn

We Were Soldiers too

On a Wing and a Prayer

Original Productions with Prison Inmates

When in Disgrace (playwright, director)

Women on the Inside (co-creator, director)

To be (or not to be) a Man (co-creator, director)

Shades of Love (co-creator, director)

My Life in a Bin (co-creator, director)

Nancy Hasty

is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been produced in New York, internationally, regionally and on tour. She is published by Broadway-Play Publishing; here’s what the critics say:

Review of the Director

The theater is by its very nature a con game... playwright, actors, set... all conspire to deceive the audience into buying an illusion... somewhere backstage is the mastermind of manipulation, the director, pulling all the strings that, if it works, will completely take us in for two or three hours and maybe, if we're lucky, show us something about ourselves we never before suspected.

THE DIRECTOR, a seductive play that builds to a white-knuckle ending…

The New York Times


The Los Angeles Times

…an absorbing new experience in terror…classic thriller…


… intricately designed…a masterfully gripping creation...

Backstage: Los Angeles

…Peter is seductive, abusive, brilliant, exhilarating—perhaps even dangerous.

Review of Florida Girls

FLORIDA GIRLS: In the tradition of Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg, Nancy Hasty singe-handedly creates 15 unique, hilarious and true-to-life characters…a virtuoso performance…

The New York Law Journal

FLORIDA GIRLS…A nostalgic monologue, both comic and barbed…vivid scenes…sharply drawn…a comic affection for the world it describes…

The New York Times

A one-woman tour de force…

The Village Voice

Review of Bobbi Boland

Fascinating! Joan Crawford would come back from the dead for an opportunity to play Bobbi Boland.

WBAI Radio New York

Bobbi Boland crackles! Nancy Hasty revives the bitch-goddess archetype with purposeful zest both on the page and the stage!


An eccentric comedy that make(s) a vanished American sub-culture vivid and worth revisiting.

The New York Times

Pitch perfect direction! Delivers a cast of first-rate actors!

Time Out New York