The Flight of Jackie Cochran

The Flight of Jackie Cochran:

Follow Jackie Cochran, a fearless WASP in World War II setting more records in altitude, speed, and distance than any man or woman during the 20th century. A complicated yet daring woman, set to accomplish a feat no other pilot has accomplished in the history of aviation: breaking the sound barrier.

Written and Performed by Nancy Hasty, who stars as Jackie Cochran in this solo performance. Based on the book, “Superwoman Jacqueline Cochran” written by Billie Pittman Ayers and Beth Dees. Her play has been performed in New York City in January and February of 2018, and again in May 2019, and was praised by the audiences. Now she is bringing Jackie Cochran's story to other theaters around the U.S., including her native state of Florida.


Although Cochran’s face has graced a postage stamp, an airport in Riverside County, California, and was a recipient of many military and business awards, many still won’t recognize the name in the title of Hasty’s play. By the end of it, however, every audience member will remember the name, Jackie Cochran.

Northwest Florida Daily News

One of the best, most intense and focused performances I’ve ever seen, start to finish. Gotta see this one, if you haven’t. If you have, you know to bring your seatbelt.

Bruce Collier, Editor

DeFuniak Herald/Beach Breeze

Amazing to see her transform into Jackie before our eyes. Her depictions were spot on!

Jan Conner

Former Employee of Jackie Cochran